Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Finals. That is all I have to say.  In five days time, my gauntly finals will flaunt itself to make a mockery at my lack of memorization skills. As if memorizing is actual intelligence - hello short term memory. 

Why procrastinate on binge eating or TV shows when you can write? 

Why has it taken me years to write my first blog?

I sit glued to my couch, listening to RainyMood on this cloudy evening, smelling fresh pine that is so lavishly decorated with glitter elegance and white fairy lights. 

Okay, so the lights aren't fairy, and the tree is lopsided. It has character!

8. Days. Time.


Well, truthfully, this freedom involves my usual 20 hour work week and 16 hour school week diminshing to a 10 hour week. Wish you could see my final plastered on my face. *Insert your best goofiest smile*

I will now depart to this picture, wishing for a walk through snow capped trees.

PS: This will hopefully be my last time uploading undesirable qualities of pictures. Apologies.

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