Saturday, December 15, 2012



Remember that falling-over-block game you played when you were younger? You can MAKE it, customize it, and then play it! It stands at 3 feet, and as it grows, it only gathers more height! 

What is even better - it is CHEAP to make!  
Below is a DIY Tutorial on how to easily create this fun for all game!

This is a great DIY project for the whole family, friends, parties, and vacations. My friends and I want a game that we could take up to the lake but also use for outdoor evening parties. I remember that I played this game while camping with our campsite neighbors in Big Sur, 2011. The entire campsite wanted to play! The Jenga stood at about 4'8" in this picture, so you can imagine the suspense from all the players once it kept getting taller and taller! Not to mention that the foundation was rocky - a twist in the game? 

Anyways, the memory of falling wooden blocks and the shrills of the players made me want to recreate this game. My friend Sophie and I decided to go buy all the materials, but we wanted to spruce it up! We added colors to the blocks and even some messages! We had so much fun making this project, and it is an instant party hit! Who doesn't like a sophisticated version of a childhood game?!


1) Buy the Wood: 
We bought 4 pieces of 2x4x16 at Lowes. Have 72 blocks cut around 10 inches/block.

Either you can cut the pieces yourself, or have somebody cut them for 20 cents a block.
We had someone do it, and the total cost was around $25 dollars, including the cost of the wood.

2) Sand the Ends (Optional)
You will probably need to sand the ends of each block. Luckily, if you have a tool like we did below, it should take no longer than 20 minutes to sand each end.

3) Paint! 
You could technically be finished already with your Jenga, but if you feel like painting, go ahead and pick a few colors out. We chose a Yellow, a Sky Blue, and a Raspberry color. Preferably choose a paint that works well on wood.

Fun idea: Try to do an Ombre color palette! *wish I had thought of that sooner!*

Painting was a bit long ... 

... but it is easier with more than one person painting! Each person has 36 blocks!

We live in a desert, so the paint dried really quickly on the paper - watch out for that ;)

4) Test It Out: 
Make sure that pieces can move fluidly. We noticed that extra paint or not sanding down the sides enough made it slightly difficult, but Jenga is not suppose to be easy! This just makes it more challenging!

5) You Are Finished!
There you go! A pretty multi-colored Giant Jenga set that can be used in your backyard, camping, parties, or where your heart desires. The tallest I've ever seen the blocks get is 5'7" - I'm 5'5", so it was bigger than me!!
 Let me just remind you again how much FUN this game is!

Make this a drinking game! 
Write some tasks on some of the blocks, like "All Males Drink" or "Take 1 Shot!" The person who knocks over the tower has to drink!


  1. We got our set with free shipping from The set was over 4+ft during play and it really made our outdoor birthday house party, we'be been using it for bbq's and pool parties much better :)

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  3. Just wondering how it works being painted. I read here that it might make the boards kinda sticky. Have this trouble?