Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nightly Pondering

This blogging thing will be addictive. Like cookie dough. I can't stop eating cookie dough.

This is so expressive with the freedom on the internet; I believe anybody can post anything. Well, the exception is Facebook - they like to take away the people's first Constitutional right. I will get to that blog post another time. In that case, there is restricting freedom.

Maybe exploring topics of Spirituality, Politics, Freedoms, and Self-Empowerment will be re-occuring topics on this blog, like a safe haven for my thoughts, and of course anybody else who stumbles on this.

Putting out ideas on the internet is not the safest method, but it encourages creativity and innovation.

Down the road, I can express ideas, notions, ideologies, facts, and whatever else is affected by every day life. I just have to establish my jive.

Yes. Blogging jive. :)

In that case, I will depart and study my deviance notes for sociology.

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