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Obama's Perfect "Fiscal Cliff"

Democrats are already poised to blame Republicans for doing all the work. Boehner sticks to his political values and the Democrats will not take it, and then he takes the Pelosi Plan and the Republicans ditch him with the Democrats rejecting it again. They rejected their own plan. It is as simple as that - the Democrats do not care to reach an agreement, because 'the fiscal cliff' will raise taxes for everybody. It will not be just the upper class. Hello social justice!

I can't help but feel bad for House Speaker John Boehner.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Obama told Boehner that he wasn't willing to 'play games with the debt ceiling.' That is an unbelievable amount of power that the President demands to hold. Even without the unlimited debt ceiling, he is asking for a dollar for every 25 cents he cuts. Now as a Libertarian, I am completely opposed to having the federal government having an abnormal amount of power, and now the President wants to be able to spend as much money as he wishes. He would have the power to spend money that we clearly don't have - did he forget about $16,401,612,800,000 (as of December 23, 2012 at 8:50 Pacific Time Zone) national debt?!

From the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, this graph would show how the tax cuts and the new tax increases would affect YOU in  2013.

The Tax Policy Center estimates that the average household would see an extra $2,000 tax increase on federal taxes alone! That is an unreal amount to unload on an weak economy. 

If you want to see information about the United States money debt, income, revenue, etc. be sure to visit US Debt Clock.

Sources: Moody's Analytics, Tax Policy Center. By Bonnie Berokowitz, Karen Yourish and Laura Stanton - The Washington Post. Published on November 11, 2012, 5:24 p.m. (Posted on Washington Post.)

The Tax Policy Center estimates that the average household would see an extra $2,000 tax increase on federal taxes alone! That is an unreal amount to unload on an weak economy. President Obama promises that they will have a $1.2 trillion tax cut in the next decade, but this is completely ignorant of the American people to justify the tax cut considering he has spent an average of $1 trillion each year he has been President. Plus, his desire for an unlimited debt ceiling makes $1.2 trillion over ten years seems like pocket change [that we don't have] to what he intends to borrow and spend! 

Oh, did I mention that around $500 billion will be cut from defense spending? No wonder incidents like Benghazi have occurred and will occur. Who needs defense when you can attempt to be friends with people[countries] who have personal agendas to kill Americans?!  

These taxes will also bring less money to workers, more taxes for businesses, and an "estimated 2.1 million jobs losses will occur in 2013" according to George Mason University Center of Regional Analysis. If you live in California [where the new props have raise taxes significantly] like I do, good luck.  

Now how is the media handling this? Of course, the liberal bias is trying to hide the truth as usual. Surprise!

Washington Post Poll concluded that over 50% of the people believe that missing the deadline will affect them negatively. Indeed fellow Americans, your taxes will go up.

Surprisingly, 38% of the participants believed that a decision will occur before the New Year, and the Republicans would have 53% of the blame.

So let's get the straight - plain and simple.
  1. Republicans and Democrats argued about their plans. The Democrats want more taxes, an unlimited debt ceiling, and defense cuts. The Republicans want major cuts to entitlements, no unlimited debt ceiling, and reluctantly agreed to have tax increases on people earning over $1 million.
  2. President Obama denied the Republican plan. Speaker Boehner had to negotiate with both sides in order to make the plan work. In the process, many Republicans didn't support him, and the Democrats rejected his plan again.
  3. Boehner offered a plan that Nancy Pelosi discussed several months ago. Republicans were not happy, and apparently Democrats weren't either because President Obama rejected this plan.
  4. Boehner meets with President Obama to try and negotiate again. Shortly after meeting, Obama goes on a $4 million dollar vacation to Hawaii at the taxpayers expense
  5. If a deal is not met, federal taxes will increase, taxes will hit businesses as money slowly disappears from workers paychecks. Businesses will fall, millions will lose their jobs, go on entitlements, and be dependent on the government. {by the looks of it, a deal will not have been met - maybe a small deal will though.}
  6. Obama gets what he wants - redistribution and socialist tendencies. 

This is exactly what we are trying to avoid. Now, though I do have doubts on both sides, the real Americans in this situation are the Republicans. The Republicans, if willing to make some compromises, have American interests and businesses at heart. The President and Democrats in Congress see American taxpayers as their credit cards, and they want to be able to spend unlimited amounts of money. My generation and my children's generation will be footing the bill due to some men with power who are irresponsible with money. The US Unfunded Mandates are already at $122,002,141,000,000 and that is without the Democratic plan. Unfunded Mandates will be something my children's children will be paying off in their lifetime if we do not stop the credit-card-spending mentality of the current administration.

It is crucial that Congress agrees on a plan without the President having an unlimited debt ceiling.

While Obama is having a fantastic time having a free vacation in paradise, the people of this country are worried that an agreement can't be met.  How is Obama spending his time besides having fun in the sun? Being himself - a narcissist. This video below is Obama in Hawaii at Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii's funeral courtesy of The Blaze. Within 100 seconds of talking, Obama mentions himself 63 times!! I wasn't aware that Senator Inouye's funeral was an autobiography of Obama! 

My conclusion: Obama will not get his unlimited debt ceiling, Republicans will cave on taxes about $250,000 paying more, and for every dollar given to the Government through taxes, the Government will cut a quarter and spend the rest. Millions of Americans will lose their jobs, thousands of small business will die out, and we will see the highest number of Food stamp, Unemployment, and Welfare recipients in history.

"If we allow that to happen it will be the most colossal consequential act of congressional irresponsibility in a long time, maybe ever in American history," - Senator Joe Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut. 
I couldn't agree with you more.

When will a Libertarian come in to save the day from two polar opposite parties?

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  1. It's a win-win for Obama either way. If we "go over" the fiscal cliff Obama gets to blame republicans and say that he "did all he could." If Obama gets his way then he gets more brownie points for raising the taxes on the wealthy and "saving" everyone (except for the rich) from the End of the World Fiscal Cliff situation.