Saturday, December 29, 2012

Travel Guide: Shaver Lake, CA

Shaver Lake, CA is a beautiful lake located in Fresno County, CA. Don't let this small lake fool you! The size may small, but there are many types of activities that are possible year round!

A perk about Shaver is that it appeals to the summer loving tourists in summer, and the snow loving tourists in winter!

An easy bet is taking the 168 all the way up to Shaver from Fresno!

Fresno, CA is a great port to head off into the Sierra Nevada's. You can fly into the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, rent a car, and head off to Yosemite National Park, Shaver Lake, Mammoth or other options. 

The air is so clean that high up. Take long deep breaths there - your lungs will thank you!

In the summer, you can rent cabins, boats, jet skis, or canoes. Not to mention free activities like swimming, hiking, or biking!

During winter [like to the right] the snow can be usually deep, so enjoy some snow hiking, snowmen building, or enjoying a snowball fight! The snow ended up being knee deep, so we just went sledding. 

There were many hidden sledding trails. This one was slick, steep path with body turn twists and no ends! 

The town itself is small - all on one street with little shops, restaurants, and businesses. Very local and unique!

During summer, this Expresso shop is also an outdoor cafe! One stop shop!

The Falls Restaurant is delicious. Eat here for a wonderful meal!

We are college students, so we ate at the Shaver Lake Pizza instead. There were scores of options, but because I am pesto-obsessed, we got the Pesto Chicken Pizza. I vouch that this pizza is one of the best Pizza's I have ever had, and even for a reasonable price!
 Look at the perfectly toasted cheese melted over the chicken and pesto ... my mouth is salivating now. One of the best parts of the pizza is that the crust was pesto filled! [see below]


Shaver Lake is a perfect place year round to get 'lost' in the wilderness and submerged in nature's beauty. Have you been to Shaver Lake? Feel free to let me know of your experience! 


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