Monday, January 14, 2013

10 Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

You deserve a little splurge on calories every now and then. To me, chocolate is good for the soul. Chocolate cakes are amazing, but these bakers see chocolate cakes as a starting point for creating something magically heavenly. 

On birthdays and celebratory purposes, calories don't count, right?! 

I decided to compile a list of decadent chocolate cakes for you to make when you land that job, or graduate college, or celebrate your 40th birthday. Life is too short to deprive yourself of luxurious cakes every once in a while.

Mousse on Mousse on Mousse! This dessert is such a tease. You get the warmth of the cake, but then the softness of mousse swirls in your mouth. Dreamy!

Wow. Tell yourself, "dark chocolate is good for me" and you can eat this cake (almost) guilt free! Red velvet feels so rich, and Oreo's bring out the inner child in me - Bakeaholic Mama knows what she is doing!

Need I say more, honestly? 

Cheesecake topped with Nutella = mind blown. These are two types of textures I could never expect together, but they harmonize so well together. Tastes like being back east ... or Europe. 

A perfect cake for St. Patricks day - or any day for that matter. Guinness is a delicious dark beer, and if you have ever had it with Chocolate, you will understand how these two flavors compliment each other so well! Scrumptious! 

Blackberries, Red Wine, and Chocolate cake. All. In. One. Why drink wine when you can eat it with savory flavors?!  

I know this cake has nothing 'fancy' to it, but this cake melts in your mouth! Literally one of the best chocolate cakes out there - so use this cake as your building block for creative baking! 

Cake, Pastry Cream, Frosting and Fillings, Dark Chocolate, and Flourishes! This look likes the neutral colored version of a patriotic cake, and the sweetness of all the flavors is out of this world! This is also a portion control cake with the 'flags'!

Look at all those delicious layers. With carmel, cheesecake layers, and Reese's Cups, you will surely have your socks knocked right off! Holy moly!

Best. Cake. of. All. Time.
Believe me. 

Love these suggestions? See cakes, cookies, bars, and everything else on my Desserts Pinterest board!

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