Friday, January 11, 2013

15 Adorable & Comfortable Casual Outfits

It is a cold winter, and all we want is to dress cute, be warm, and be comfortable.

Comfortable. That is the key word. 

As a college student who also works 20+ hours a week, I know comfort is key. Wearing cute outfits while feeling comfortable is essential. Nothing is more annoying that jeans that suffocate the belt region or abnormally tight sweaters.

Here are 5 different option of outfits that are super adorable and comfortable!

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One Heart, Two Ways
A Heart Sweater worn two different ways. A casual day time outfit with a parka jacket paired simple, tan ankle boot. A night time outfit with a sexy crimson and black leather jacket and basic black ankle bootie.

A combination of outfits revolving around variations of heart shape sweaters. Keep all the focus on your face and the sweater by keeping the bottoms solid colors with neutral, tall boots. It's winter, so throw on your favorite sweater and scarf to finish the look!

These boots are fantastic, because they are classy and casual. I wanted a simple look with a rich green to pair with the brown of the boots for the daytime look, and the scarf plus lipstick soften up the look. For the nighttime look, I thought a black turtleneck is was a great way to keep it classy and edgy during the cold winter months. Don't forget to curl your hair so your dark red jeans and lipstick give a nighttime vixen look.

The casual sweater look for a girl who wants to be comfortable and stylish is luckily a daily routine in winter. Pair cashmere, wool, or acrylic to keep you warm, add a beanie (you lose heat through your head!) and thick scarf. Top it off with wool socks and neutral mid-calk boots!

Animal faces have been around for a while, and maybe they will stay - maybe not. Either way, it is time to get creative! Add a patterned legging instead of the usual jean or black legging, and keep your shoes neutral. I chose a geometric legging, floral legging, and a coated black legging with three different options for shoes. Mix and match to create an outfit perfect for you - there is a minimum of 18 different outfits with these 9 items!

Like these styles? Check out my Style board on Pinterest! Feel free to leave me a comment on how you liked these outfits!

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