Saturday, January 19, 2013

5 Best Activities in Maui, Hawaii!

Gumusservi, Eunoia, Heliophilia. You can look forward to these feelings when you visit Maui!

You can hike up 10,000 feet to the volcano and jump above the clouds. You can go snorkeling, parasailing, or jet skiing in the ocean. You can drink a scrumptious Mai Tai on the beach. 

Paradise. That was literally my thought when I vacationed there.

I embarked on many adventures while in Maui, but some of them stood out more than the rest. 

1. Visit the Blowhole!

I admit, this place is difficult to find, but well worth it! The waves from the ocean get sucked up through the lava rocks and rockets out water! This picture doesn't show much, but if you catch the blowhole on high tide, you will be in for one heck of a show. When you walk off the highway down to the blowhole, it will be on your left side. Don't forget to look to the right though! You will find a heart carving in the lava <3

2. Jump off the Twin Falls!

The Twin Falls are two waterfalls of different heights on the same trail. One is a 15 foot jump, the other 42 feet. Guess which one I did? [yes, that is me jumping on the picture below] If you want to visit the larger waterfall, it is a 20-30 minute walk to the falls. Once you reach your destination, there will be a pool of rocks [seen below] that are not smooth. Wear shoes! Biggest regret of the whole trip was not wearing shoes in this rocky pool. To get to the top, you will have to hike a little ways uphill, but to get to the falls to take that leap of faith - priceless.

 This is the view from the smaller fall.

3. Hike to the Needle!
Iao Valley is smack in the middle of the island. Do a fun workout by hiking, have a picnic, or follow the stream for some photo moments. Don't forget to hike upwards towards the Needle and explore the depths of the valleys and heights of the hills. There are plenty of off-road hikes, which are probably off limits, but they are quite beautiful. 

4. Walk the Volcano

This volcano looks like Mars. Literally. The color of everything was unearthly. However, it was exquisitely stunning. We drove up to the top and hiked the rest. It was incredible, because you are above the cloud layer. You feel as though you are floating. The air is thin yet fresh, warm yet crisp. Wear warm layers, because the wind will reach your bones!

5. Stroll down the Beach
If you are staying on a hotel on the beach, go for a stroll. There are many people playing cricket, frisbee, or golf. Restaurants and stores line your path for luxury or local goods. 
Have a delicious cocktail while laying out in the sun.

Find a sandy beach, go swimming, or just get some color.

Breathe in the Beautiful Hawaiian Flower

Admire the 50 Shades of Blue. 

Eat a Pineapple Dessert. Literally. [found in Whalers Village]

Go to a bar. Enjoy your vacation.

Smell the Flowers on the Coast.

Be Inspired by Local Fence Decor.

Stare at the Sunset. [Not for too long - keep those eyes healthy!]

Talk to the Penguins at the Hyatt!

Relax in the Beauty.

Visiting Hawaii? Check out my Travel: Hawaii board for inspiration! 

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