Tuesday, February 5, 2013

15 Best Heart DIY's!

Oh love is in the air!

I could almost promise you that I saw glitter and hearts in the air as well! At least Valentine's Day is nearing, and therefore I have an excuse to be obsessive about hearts, gold, and glitter!

Want to make your Valentine's Day special with DIY crafts, clothes, and food? I have the ultimate list to make your romantic day more personal. 

[These can be made at any time of the time without feeling any guilt at all!]

These DIY's are super easy to make with all these helpful tutorials, but some are totally unique! Have you ever made a kite, or put a heart on your shoes? 

<3 <3 <3

1. StudioDIY did an awesome Gold Heart PiƱata! 

2. Whimseybox got super adorable with this DIY Sequin Heart Hair Bow!

3. The Beauty Department sassed up Valentines day with Glittery Gold Heart Nails.

4. A Beautiful Mess made hearts more cozy with a DIY Heart Blanket! 

5. Honey We're Home punched some paint chip hearts to create Ombre DIY Heart Wall Art.

6. With an IE created a DIY Heart Sweater - inspired by J.Crew's $100 heart sweater!

7. Dump Your Frump stepped into a new realm with a DIY Glittery Heart Ballet Flats!

8. Wedding Chicks sweetened things up with a DIY Ombre Sugar Hearts!

9. Green Wedding Shoes glued wine corks for a DIY Ombre Cork Heart!

10. Polli mastered DIY Heart Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

11. I Am Baker [a personal favorite!] satisfied everybody when creating this DIY Heart Cake! Red Velvet Heart inside a White Cake!

12. My Poppet took heart DIY's to new heights when making a DIY Heart Kite! Perfect for a daytime Valentines Date!

13. 1 Pure Heart made breakfast nicer with DIY Pink Heart Pancakes!

14. How About Orange 3-Ded a wall with DIY 3D Paper Hearts!

15. Project Wedding has a guest writer who made DIY Heart Garland! 

There you have it! I love DIY Projects, and I hope these make your Valentine's Day [or any day of the year] perfect!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Pictures of Joy 2/1/13

I love to travel. I love everything about learning, and most importantly understanding. 

Today, while walking from class to the parking lot, I let the rays of the sun beat on my skin. It was warm enough to heat up my skin underneath my cotton cardigan. I let that feeling sink into my skin for a length of time. I realized that though my life is in chaos now, between applying abroad and to new colleges and studying abroad, I need to enjoy the simple pleasures.

Taking deep breaths can do wonders for the soul. In fact, that is my 2013 resolution! The colors of the leaves, the warm sun on bare skin, watching people laugh, bees buzzing, etc. I need to calm down, slow down, and take in these moments.

Just like that Expedia teapots commercial, I need my own perspective.

Until then, I am going to journey on this path.

Lion King Intro.

Italy Sunset. [I wish]

Twig House.

Husky pup!

Twig House Lawn.

Jenga Tower.

Blueberry, Almond, Flaxseed, Honey, Oats, Greek Yogurt Breakfast.

Snowfall In A Distance.

American Flag Wood.

Best Babysitter Advice - Toys and Cameras!

Pink Clouds.

Feng Shui Moon.

Wooden Bowl.

Details of Wood.